A Few New Fight Aging! Fundraising Posters

We are nearing the first phase of this year's Fight Aging! fundraiser in support of the rejuvenation research programs carried out at the SENS Research Foundation. We are on the cusp of important progress in medical science, balanced close to a shift from the less effective research strategies of the past to SENS-like repair biotechnologies of the future. The frailty and disease that presently accompanies aging will be defeated by addressing its root causes, through means that are already clearly envisaged: it is only hard work and funding that separates the state of medicine today from a near future in which aging is brought under medical control. The road ahead for research and development is just about as clear and direct as these things ever get. I'll be asking people to step forward and contribute, just as last year, but there are a few things left to organize first. Don't let that stop you from sending me email if you have the ability to help.

Among the items left to be done before the later stages of the fundraiser roll around is the creation of a new brace of fundraising posters. I'd like to put together something more general and diverse this year, at least in comparison to last year's two posters. Primary colors, large text, flat backgrounds; the sort of thing that makes it easier for other advocates to retool the wording for their own usage. Not coincidentally, it also makes it easier for me to try out a more ideas prior to pulling in a professional. If some of them turn out to be terrible ideas, well, no great loss. There are always the others. Not all of us are Photoshop wizards, but simple poster designs go a long way towards letting everyone play.

This latest attempt is intended for placards and other printed displays, where the color catches the eye but is nowhere near as lurid as it appears upon your screen just about now. For those who want to tinker, the font used here is Tex Gyre Heros bold condensed, at 500px and 200px for the two sizes:

Choose Life: Scientists Work to End Frailty Poster: 4200 x 2800px

Choose Life: No More Frailty Poster: 4200 x 2800px


Not bad for what is available on zero budget.

It could be useful having some more aspiration posters, but creating pretty images would probably require hiring an artist, and if the fundraiser is for only a small amount then this is probably not worth it.

A lot of advertising implies that the product/service will give either:
1. Friendship/companionship.
2. Sexual desirability.
3. Freedom from having to work for an odious superior.
4. Freedom from worry.




Posted by: Jim at May 26th, 2015 1:42 AM

I'll try to give this year more than last year. We definitively need to accelerate research.

How about using the FightAging! DNA logo or some SRF logo?

Posted by: Antonio at May 26th, 2015 2:12 AM

Maybe some more 'disease' specific slogans in everyday terms??

Don't let sugar collagen cross links wrinkle your skin.
Don't let cell loss weaken your joints.
Don't let indigestible garbage inside your cells give you a heart attack.
Don't let tangled protein junk slowly destroy your brain.
Don't let faulty cellular batteries destroy your eyesight.
Don't let damaged cells... ?

Posted by: Jim at May 26th, 2015 10:02 AM

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