Winners Announced for the Longevity Film Competition

The winners of the recent Longevity Film Competition have been announced, and their videos can be watched at the competition website. Congratulations are due to the contestants. It is a pleasure to see that our community of advocacy and support for rejuvenation research has grown in recent years to the point at which a short contest of this nature can produce a variety of quality entries. We have come a long way since the turn of the century, and our early struggles to find funding and fellow travelers on the road to an end to aging are but a memory now. Popular culture is already forgetting just how opposed people were to the idea of extending healthy life spans, now that the first rejuvenation therapies have been shown to work in animal studies. There is a long way yet to go, but with greater funding and greater popular support, we are moving much faster now.

The Longevity Film Competition is an initiative by the Healthy Life Extension Society, the SENS Research Foundation, and the International Longevity Alliance. The promoters of the competition invited filmmakers everywhere to produce short films advocating for healthy life extension, with a focus on dispelling four usual misconceptions and concerns around the concept of life extension: the false dichotomy between aging and age-related diseases, the Tithonus error, the appeal to nature fallacy, and the fear of inequality of access to rejuvenation biotechnologies.

The competition is now over; the deadline for submissions was September 15, and fittingly, the winners have been announced today, October 1, in occasion of Longevity Day. "I want to say that this was a big challenge. The creators have used very different techniques and tools, which made most of the videos in the shortlist very hard to compare. Each video has its own advantages, and I can't help but congratulate every team on their personal success in delivering the message! This year's shortlist is a wonderful collection of perfectly unique stories."